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Green policies. Green Hotel.

The 'Juan de Austria Hotel' is an environmentally-conscious hotel. Integrated environmental friendliness. Bathroom tissues 100% recyclable. Setting the air-conditioning above 26 degrees Celsius in summer, and setting the heating below 21 degrees Celsius in winter. Led lights lamps. Tap insert to reduce the flow of water, aerators. Toilet cisterns with new 'save-a-flush'. Wash machines and dishwashes to full-load, and eco-programs. Water pipes insolation. Class A+ rate machines efficient.

Non-smoking rooms.

There are non-smoking rooms availability.


  • Roquetas de Mar Street Festival Program free events in July and August: concerts, theatre, films, exhibitions, medieval market, etc. Are held in the afternoon or evening usually outdoors. Ideal to spend a good evening as a couple or family.
  • Aquarium Roquetas de Mar See sharks, piranhas, goldfish, animals that seem to plants. An unknown life.
  • Visitors Centre shelters of Almeria Free visit to underground shelters made because of the Spanish Civil War. The tour has a person, a guide that explain the history of the shelters and Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It's advisable to arrange an appointment by telephone.
  • IndaloSub Diving Center in Aguadulce. Learn to dive with renowned instructors. You can dive scooter propelled submarine, diving with nitrox, dry suit, etc, from the Cabo de Gata to Punta Entinas natural park. Meet another world.
  • Roquetas de Mar auditorium theatre See program of shows. Artist biographies, Calendar of events. Shop tickets, etc.
  • Sail & Surf Roquetas Learn to surf or sail a catamaran, enjoy surfing, or just have fun in the surf of Roquetas with Frank Hartmann.
  • Oasys theme park Located in the Tabernas desert, where films have been shot the most famous of Hollywood westerns, as "800 bullets", "Indiana Jones and the last crusade", "The good, the bad and the ugly", etc. This park has live showns, safaripark, zoo reserve, restaurants, etc.
  • Almeria solar platform Visited the platform can be an alternative leisure entertainment technology, we advocate renewable energy, in this case the sun will help us to know the energy of the future.
  • Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Almeria Tourism council board (several languages).

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  • EasyJet low costBook a cheap flight.
  • RenfeTrain alternative is the most economic ideal for medium-distance trips.
  • Via Michelin To plan your journey and plot your route by road from where they come coming. Available version for several languages. Good definition of the locations.

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